Georges Aber: brief overview...

Georges Aber, stage name of Georges Poubennec, was a French songwriter and singer. After a brief career as singer between 1959 - 1963, Georges Aber became exclusively a lyricist. He has adapted in French a lot of lyrics of many American successes and English popular songs of the 60s.

Georges Aber was sung by several stars of the era, well known in France as « Yéyé »:
Claude François, Sheila, Sylvie Vartan, Richard Anthony, Dick Rivers, Frank Alamo, Les Chaussettes noires, Petula Clark, Nicoletta, Michèle Arnaud and specially for Johnny Hallyday, during this decade, becoming one of his successful lyricists.

Georges Aber has adapted over 300 songs and in particular 60 titles for Johnny Hallyday, including:

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Georges Aber made the cover of JUKEBOX MAGAZINE #321 released in September 2013.

The author of the report, Jacques LEBLANC painted the portrait of Georges Aber in these terms:

“After being one of the first singers of rock in France, Georges Aber becomes as early as 1960, a lyricist to success. He has the meaning of words, formulas shocks, knowing adapt the Anglo-American hits with a direct, specific, touching the hearts of the audience.”

“For Johnny Hallyday he carves a successful songs directory with Ralph Bernet and Gilles Thibaut, without forgetting Manou Roblin and Long Chris.”

See original article by Jukebox Magazine (FR) (archive)

Georges Aber is quoted in the French show : La vie secrète des chansons (The secret life of songs) on France Télévision.

In the show “La vie secrète des chansons” entitled l’Originale et la reprise (The original and the cover), presented by André Manoukian and broadcast on the French TV France 3 on October 12, 2018, André Manoukian explains how the music producer, Claude Carrère who had booked the song Bang Bang of Sonny Bono, interpreted by Cher in 1966, appealed to the lyricist Georges Aber to adapt this title for the French singer Sheila by sweetening the original lyrics so that the text can match the image represented by the singer Sheila at this time, “the sweet little girl”.