Performers of Georges Aber's texts Georges Aber was one of Johnny Hallyday's recognized lyricists, writing over 60 titles for him (Click here to see list of titles).
He has also written nearly 50 titles for French singer Sylvie Vartan (Click here to see list of titles).
The other famous performers of Georges Aber, are:

and also:
Anny Gould Anny Gould Anny Gould, stage name of Marcelle Trillet, is a French singer with a warm and powerful voice, part of the great tradition of the 50s performers. Her repertoire mainly consists of French hits or adaptations of foreign songs. She performed the title: “Mes frères” (G. Aber, P. Delanoe, B. Maxted), also performed by Dalida. She was born on January 8, 1920 in Paris, she died at the age 93 on November 14, 2013. , Bébé Hong-Suong Bébé Hong-Suong Bébé Hong-Suong is a Belgian singer born in 1932 in Hanoi. She performed “Cœur Blessé” by Georges Aber, also performed by Petula Clark. , Caterina Valente Caterina Valente Caterina Valente is a Franco-Italian singer, dancer, guitarist and actress, born on January 14, 1931 in Paris. She performed among others the following Georges Aber's song:
 Mes frères
 Toi, toi, Roméo.
 Une vahiné m’a dit
 Youpi ya tamouré
, Christine Lebail Christine Lebail Christine Lebail is a French singer born on October 27, 1948 in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (Essonne, France). She performed “Ils font pleurer les filles” by George Aber in 1965. , Claude Piron Claude Piron Claude Piron, stage name Danny Boy is a French rock singer, born on January 25th, 1936 in Saint-Pierre-de-Cormeilles (city in northwestern France). He forms the group “Danny Boy et ses pénitents” but begins his solo career by his real name. In 1958, he released his first album which includes a title signed Georges Aber: Hé! Youla. , Claude Robin Claude Robin Claude Robin, stage name of Fernand Claude Crescioni, is a French singer born in 1918 in Marseille (city in south of France) and died in 1998. He performed among others: “Qu’il fait bon vivre” written by Georges Aber in 1959. , Colette Deréal Colette Deréal Colette Deréal, stage name of Colette de Glarélial, is a French actress and singer, born on September 22, 1927 in Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole (Seine-et-Oise, France) and died on April 12, 1988 in Monaco (sovereign city-state, country and microstate on the French Riviera in south of France). As a singer, she notably performed Georges Aber's song Jéricho. , Connie Francis Connie Francis Connie Francis, stage name of Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero is an Italian-American singer born on December 12, 1938 in Newark (city in northwestern Delaware, USA), she performed among others: “Oh oui, j’en ai rêvé”, written by Georges Aber. , Dany Logan Dany Logan Dany Logan, stage name of Daniel Deshayes, is a French rock singer, born on February 12, 1942 in Paris and died on June 9, 1984 in Paris. In the early 60's, he played in the group “Les Pirates”, the song: “Oh oui, j’en ai rêvé” written by Georges Aber.
To note, Dany Logan appears on the “photo du siècle” gathering 46 French stars "yéyé", published in April 1966 in the French magazine “Salut les copain”.
, Dominique Dominique Dominique is a French singer. She performed “Mes frères” written by Georges Aber in 1959. She was the wife and official singer of the French trumpet player Georges Jouvin. , John William John William John William, stage name of Ernest Armand Huss is a Franco-Ivorian singer born on October 9, 1922 in Grand-Bassam in Ivory Coast and died on January 8, 2011 in Antibes (city in southeastern France). He becomes the first French singer of gospel and Negro spiritual in France. He performed more than 350 titles, among which are the following Georges Aber's titles:
 Mes frères (1959)
 Qu’il fait bon vivre (1959)
 Tu prends mon coœur (1959).
 L’orage (1960)
 Jericho (1962)
 Quatre garçons dans le vent (1964)

, Les Chats sauvages Les Chats sauvagesLes Chats sauvages” is a French rock band, appeared in 1961. The leader and singer of the band is Dick Rivers. The band will last from 1961 to 1964, it is at the time, the main competitor of the rock band “Les chaussettes noires” led by the singer Eddy Mitchell. “Les Chats sauvages”, performed among others: “Un p’tit je ne sais quoi” written by Georges Aber. , Les Chaussettes noires Les Chaussettes noiresLes Chaussetes noires” is a French rock band, appeared in 1959 under the name “Les Cinq Rocks” and will be renamed “Les Chaussetes noires” in 1961. The leader and singer of the band is Eddy Mitchell. The band will last from 1961 to 1964, it is at the time, the main competitor of the band “Les Chats sauvages” led by the singer Dick Rivers. They performed among others the following Georges Aber's songs:
 Il revient
 Le Twist
 Peppermeint Twist
 Tu parles trop

, Les Lionceaux Les LionceauxLes Lionceaux” is a French rock band appeared in 1961 in Reims (city in the east of France). Several artists followed one another with the leader and creator of the band, Alain Hattat. “Les Lionceaux” is reborn in 2004 at the initiative of singer Alain Dumont (stage name Willy) under the name “Les Lionceaux Revival”. They performed among others: “Je ne peux l’acheter” and “Quatre garçons dans le vent” written by Georges Aber. , Les Surfs Les SurfsLes Surfs” is a French-speaking Malagasy vocal band who officially performed from 1963 to 1971. In 1963, they record the song “Reviens vite et oublie”, adaptation of Be My Baby by Ronettes written by Georges Aber, and obtain thanks to this title, a first respectable success. , Maria Candido Maria Candido Maria Candido, stage name of Simone Marius is a French singer, born on August 31, 1922 in Hyères (city in southeastern France) and died on August 11, 2017 in Saint-Raphaël (city in southeastern France). She performed the song “Mes frères” written by Georges Aber. , Maya Casabianca Maya Casabianca Maya Casabianca, stage name of Margalit Azran, is a French-Israeli vocalist born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1945. She was noticed by the Philips record company, to compete with the French vocalist Dalida. She performed “Chéri chéri je reviens” written by Georges Aber. , Michel Sydney Michel Sydney Michel Sydney, stage name of Michel Fleriab is a French singer, born in 1940 in Fort-de-France in Martinique (Lesser Antilles). His career began in 1961. In 1962, he released his second album in which, he performs “Toute ma vie” written by Georges Aber. After a peak of popularity in 1965, he signed his last recording in 1978. , Michèle Arnaud Michèle Arnaud Michèle Arnaud, stage name of Micheline Caré is a vocalist and producer of French television, born in Toulon (city in southeastern France) on March 18, 1919 and died in Maisons-Laffitte (city in the northwestern suburbs of Paris ) on March 30, 1998. In 1956 she represents Luxembourg at the first Eurovision Song Contest. She reveals new talents like the French singer, songwriter, musician, actor, Serge Gainsbourg who started accompanying Michèle Arnaud on the guitar during his first singing tour. In 1966 she performed “Je croyais”, French adaptation of Yesterday by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, written by George Aber. , Monty Monty Monty, stage name of Jacques Bulostin, is a French singer-songwriter and producer born on February 18, 1943 in Chezal-Benoît (city in central France). He began his career in 1963 in Eddie Barclay's recording company and released his first album that year. He released his second album in 1964. From then on, he aligned the successes such as “Bientôt les vacances”, written by George Aber, “La devise des copains”, “J’ai traversé l’enfer”. He appears on the “Photo du Siècle” gathering 46 French stars "Yéyé", published in April 1966 in the French magazine “Salut les copain”. , Nancy Holloway Nancy Holloway Nancy Holloway, stage name of Nancy Brown, is an American jazz and rock singer, born on December 11, 1932 in Cleveland (Ohio). She was popular in France especially in the 60s. In 2006/2007, she participated in the tour "Âge tendre et Têtes de bois", with, among other artists, Richard Anthony, Frank Alamo and Jean-Jacques Debout. On her EP released in 1964, she performs Bye Bye (1st title of the A side), French adaptation of My Guy by Maty Wells, written by Georges Aber. .

“La photo du siècle” by Jean-Marie Périer

“La Photo du siècle” (The photo of the century) is a photography taken by Jean-Marie Périer in 1966 for the #47 of the “Salut les copains” magazine to celebrate, the fourth anniversary of its publication. The photo brings together 46 stars "yéyé" of the time, much of which performed Georges Aber's texts.

“La photo du siècle”, photography taken by Jean-Marie Périer

From top to bottom and from left to right, are:

Sylvie Vartan, Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Jacques Debout, Hugues Aufray, Catherine Ribeiro, Eddy Mitchell, Danyel Gérard, Claude Ciari des Champions, France Gall, Serge Gainsbourg, Frankie Jordan, Michèle Torr, Sheila, Chantal Goya, Dany Logan, Michel Paje, Ronnie Bird, Monty, Sophie Hecquet, Noël Deschamps, Jacky Moulière, Annie Philippe, Claude François, Eileen, Guy Mardel, Billy Bridge, Michel Berger, Michel Laurent, Nicole from the Surfs, Salvatore Adamo, Thierry Vincent, Tiny Yong, Antoine, Françoise Hardy, Benjamin, Dick Rivers, Monique from the Surfs, Hervé Vilard, Jocelyne, Dave from the Surfs, Rocky from the Surfs, Coco from the Surfs, Pat from the Surfs, le Petit Prince, Richard Anthony, Christophe.
In blue the singers having performed Georges Aber's texts.

Recognized lyricist of Johnny Hallyday

Georges Aber, with Long Chris Long Chris Long Chris, stage name of Christian Blondieau, is a French Rock'n roll and folk music lyricist and singer. He was born in Paris on January 26, 1942. Great friend and lyricist of the French singer Johnny Hallyday.
His best known titles are:
 Je suis né dans la rue
 Joue pas de rock'n'roll pour moi.
 and Ralph Bernet Ralph Bernet Ralph Bernet is a French lyricist and composer born in 1927 in Marseille (city in south of France) and died in 2017. He wrote or adapted some 3000 songs, of which a thousand were recorded. He has written about fifty titles for Johnny Hallyday including “L'idole des jeunes”, a great success for this artist. , is part of Johnny Hallyday's recognized songwriters. He's already on Johnny's first album: “Nous les gars nous les filles” Nous les gars nous les filles Nous les gars, nous les filles is the first album of Johnny Hallyday. This LP 12 inches is released on February 1, 1961. The album is reissued in vinyl and for the first time in Compact Disc, in 1992. This album contains 12 titles including 2 titles written by Georges Aber:
 3 Le p’tit clown de ton cœur (Written with P. Delanoë)
 6 Tu parles trop
, with two titles, “Le p’tit clown de ton cœur” and “Tu parles trop”.

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